Sacred Mariposa

Nicolle Foster

Reiki Master and Teacher

Officiant and Celebrant

Tiny spa and organic products






Offering heart centered pampering,
              growth, healing, celebration:

Care for the whole being~ through organic, high quality spa services, connection circles, Reiki, classes, spiritual coaching, shamanic emphasis.

Co-creating meaningful and unique rituals and ceremonies; from weddings to rites of passage to cycles of the moon and seasons.

Come receive, remember, and renew your connection to who you truly are.

Specializing in unique, meaningful, non-traditional ceremonies, including:
* Weddings honoring nature, barefoot, eco-green, earthy  aspects.
* Ancient traditions-  Hand-Fasting, Pagan, Celtic, Norse ceremonies
* Multi-cultural, multi-faith, LGBTQ,
* Spiritual, shamanic, mystical, earthy.

Born and raised in the Boise area.  Officiating ceremonies in Idaho including the Treasure Valley, Stanley, Ketchum, McCall, Cascade, Garden Valley.

What is Shamanism?

The practice of Shamanism teaches us that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit.  Shamanic cultures recognize that there is a web of life that connects all that is alive.  Everything on Earth is interconnected… It’s the Shaman’s role in the community to keep harmony and balance between humankind and the forces of nature.  

Shamanism is the path of opening the heart, creating a doorway that leads us to traveling into hidden realms.  We all have the ability to be a presence of love and light that transforms our life, thereby changing the world.

Shamans perform ceremonies for healing, lead ceremonies to welcome children into the world, perform marriages, help people transition to a good place at the time of death, and mourn the death of loved ones.  They assist with initiation ceremonies and rites of passage in person’s lives.

~ Walking in the Light: the Everyday Empowerment of a Shamanic Life by Sandra Ingerman

Ceremony, Circle Offerings, Meditations

Meditation:  Be still and listen

Meditation:  Showing up

Soul Circle

Wed April 12th  7 pm

Connection, support
mindfulness, sharing

Meditation:  Love from Ancestors

Meditation:  Gratitude for Women

As Seen on The Knot