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“In the field of personal growth and holistic wellness, Nicolle Foster emerges as a dedicated advocate for empowerment and healing. Her journey, marked by personal challenges and transformative experiences, led her to integrate a diverse educational background and spiritual exploration into her practice. Through her expertise in Reiki, ministerial work, and shamanism, Nicolle offers a unique blend of traditional therapeutic approaches and spiritual wisdom. With a focus on guiding individuals through life’s transitions and fostering resilience, she embodies the role of a compassionate and knowledgeable guide.” 

~Sarah Kirton, MysticMag

My Services


Personal, spiritual, or business coaching to help you become happier and more fulfilled. Learn the tools you need to thrive.


Discover peace, relieve pain, and learn to heal yourself. Start your journey towards feeling more balanced and aligned with yourself right here.


Celebrate life’s milestones- weddings, unions, births, funerals, croning, and rites of passage. Nicolle is your companion to bring magic to your special day.


Receive hands on nurturing and pampering, with organic, natural, scrumptious spa services; pedicures, facials, hair services, Reiki.  

Free Exploration Call

A complimentary 60 minute session- just for you.

  • Understand what’s keeping you frustrated and unhappy
  • Resources and exercises to help you find ease
  • Learn methods and tools to help you the most

Let’s find more magic and meaning together


Nicolle is the most gifted healer I have been privileged to meet in over 50 years. She is intuitive, humble, and deeply connected to Spirit. She brings a wealth of experience in diverse ways (and modalities) of approaching the whole person and areas of health- physical, emotional well-being, ancestral, energetic, pragmatic.
~Penelope B.

Since completing coaching with Nicolle, my life has undergone a remarkable transformation. I have experienced a heightened sense of inner peace, improved physical and emotional well-being, and a profound connection with the universe around me. 
~Christine T

I have transformed!  I have connected to a more spiritual side and grown quite a bit. I was surprised to connect to people to visions, to dreams, to Source and to animals.  I have discovered my creative and artistic side, as well as feel more at peace.
~Manda S

Before working with Nicolle, I was extremely anxious and was a scared middle schooler who didn’t know how to handle my emotions.  Nicolle  helped me heal and taught me tools to manage my emotions. Relationships in my family have healed. I have been able to grow and heal along with my mom. Many of my friendships have been strengthened.
~Aerowen F.

Before meeting Nicolle, I was at the end of my rope and suicidal, and willing to try anything.  2 years later, I am calmer and react to unexpected difficulties with a lot more grace than I used to. I was able to get to the root of some family trauma I had repressed. I’m able to be my authentic self in an environment where I previously thought it was impossible (trans, in the military).  I am thriving and excited about life now.
~Danny H.

Nicolle most definitely helped me with my sobriety and getting my mind straightened out . I trust her, and I appreciated her openness, kindness and knowledge.
~Tom T.

At first my expectation with Nicolle was to help my daughter learn some coping skills and to be able to help her with her stress and anxiety.  I was surprised to discover I was healing myself as well, and ultimately that was helping us both. I have learned to set healthy boundaries, and have healthier relationships and skills to cope better through my life.
~Karli F.

When I met Nicolle, I was ready for the next leg of my spiritual journey. She provided a safe environment for me to grow. She provided safety, kindness, and nurturing that I needed to facilitate that growth. Nicolle is non-judgmental, and allows herrself to be vulnerable and share of her own experiences in a way that makes it feel very accessible.
~Polly P.

I’ve done reiki massage and coaching sessions with Nicolle over the last few years. She takes pride in her work, really takes her time, and is a great listener. She is as real and as genuine as they come. She has also done occasional projects for my business that require the highest level of trust. I highly recommend her. Nicolle is good people!  ~Mike Tashman, CPA, EA

A safe space for you to explore your potential

Feel safe, seen & supported

All Are Welcome

People of all ages, race, gender, LGBTQ+, leaders, couples, veterans, students,  entrepreneurs, and spiritual healers have discovered a welcoming space here.

Real & Grounded

Balancing spiritual ideas with practical advice, Nicolle provides helpful and down-to-earth guidance, meeting you where you are without judgment or pressure.

You Are the Priority

Fostering relationships spanning decades and generations, clients mean a lot to Nicolle.

Sarah's Village


Hi, I’m Nicolle

Your soul midwife through life’s challenges and transitions

My journey through profound life lessons, years of training, and dedicated inner work sets me apart.

I want to help you feel supported, hopeful and excited about life and yourself as you step into your soul-led life.

As a Certified Coach, Shamanic Healer, Guide, Officiant, and Soul Midwife, I am your companion through transitions and transformations.

My clients find me when they’ve outgrown their boxes and society’s labels. They’ve spent their lives feeling unseen, frustrated, anxious, scared, mad, and are ready for change.  Or they are ready for the next step of their evolution.

I help them step out of the box and find alignment to become their most empowered, authentic and happiest selves.

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