“Tomorrow is an 888 day- there is an intensified shift of consciousness in humanity.  This weekend is supposed to raise our energy, vibration, and consciousness into a frequency of purity, harmony, calm, awareness… this is 3 eternity symbols (Aug 8, 2015 = 8 8 8) 

8 reflects as above, so below, and is the symbol to unify heart and mind.

This is also called the event horizon for human evolution.  It is supposed to be a time to rejoice!  Old trauma energies will be released, so light data can flow completely and ground, reprogramming our DNA, completing diving circuitry. Love yourself with all your mind, heart, and soul.”
(didn’t note in my journal where I read this.  It was online, so it must be true.  ha ha)

I desire this immensely, for all humanity to shift into the vibration of love, peace, community, togetherhood, tribe, to love ourselves and others.  

Love myself… I love my light, my joy, my heart, depth, connection, whimsy, nature, my gentleness, compassion, genuineness, exuberance, curiosity, wonder, creativity, resourcefulness, capacity to love people and gaia, my ability to desire a better humanity.