I could get spoiled learning to meditate at medicine wheels and hot springs.  Last night the reiki group spontaneously went to hot springs to celebrate full moon.  I knew I needed to re-charge with the gentle moonligh.  Even though it was icy weather, and a two hour drive each way-off we went.

I lost my little medicine pouch 🙁  Forgot it was in my bra and it fell out, down to the water below, while I was changing in the dark and moonlight.  I wondered whether it was lost to remind me that I don’t “need” it?  A friend said I am that crystal vibration already, I don’t need objects or attachments any longer.  Still I am sad about losing it.

I also slipped and fell, tucked and rolled, tumbled unceremoniously from the slippery rocks into the cold water.  I was not badly hurt, but it was quite cold.  (Cold enough for my dress to freeze on the walk back to the car)

I drove back up to the hot springs today, I had already planned that trip for the day.  I laid in a warm pool, on the sand, my head on a large smooth rock.  I practiced deep breathing, grounding, did a circuitry connection meditation. I blended into the sand until my skin glistened with sand and I was invisible.  The water flowed over me and through me, and I melted into nature, connecting with all that is.  I pictured the sun warming me up, directly from the divine, filling up my cells with healing energy and love.  I pictured the water washing away anything that no longer serves me.  

I pictured my root chakra with vibrant cleansing blood… blood of the earth and of my body.  Sacral- sunset on the sand.  Solar plexus- warm yellow healing sun.  Heart- pink flower petals and a breeze to blow throughout my body.  Throat- a warm lake on a sunny day.  Brow-the lake at night, rippling water under stars  Crown- purple vast night sky of the universe.

I feel translucent, iridescent, light, airy, pure, gossamer.  I feel a glimpse of being a tree, water, air, sun, stars.  For the first time ever, it occurred to me to be thankful for this body.  Some souls never get a body, and I have one for a while.  I look at the sand on my skin, it reflects sunlight.  My eyelids close to protect my eyes from sun warmth.  My fingers make ripples in the water.  My braids are long enough to see, the ends are curly and dripping from laying in the pool.  I turn and lay my cheek on the warm smooth speckled rock.  I see freckles on my arm.  And the curve of my hip.  And ten toes, that are wiggly with joy in the sun.

I looked all over for my medicine pouch.  As I was drying off and changing into dry clothes, I thought… “If the stones in my pouch are meant for me now, they need to appear in my backpack… or…”   there it was!!    Down below, I saw my tiny medicine pouch, same color as the sand, under the water, with river rushing over it.  I crawled down, grinning.  
A tiny treasure!