About Nicolle

Nicolle is a highly educated and intuitive empath; dedicated and honored to support the healing of women, community, humanity, and the planet.

She is passionate about Sacred Ceremony, rites of passage, weddings- meaningful celebrations, and custom ceremonies, tailored for each person, couple or life event. 

Nicolle is honored to have worked with profound Spiritual Masters, Medicine Women, Shamen, and healers for over two decades. 

She graduated from College of Idaho (1995; BA Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology) 

She was ordained in 1998, to officiate ceremonies and rites of passage in a way that was meaningful, beautiful, spiritual, and often non-religious or combining faiths. 
She earned her Cosmetology License (1999), her Reiki Master Attunements, plus certification through the Native American Institute of Healing Arts, and Soul Coaching.