About Nicolle

I am a true Idaho Native.  I am also Native American and Scandinavian.  I graduated from College of Idaho with degrees in Sociology, Psychology, and Anthropology.  I have been studying Shamanism since college.  I became ordained in 1998 and have been doing ceremonies since.  Then I earned my Cosmetology certificate in 2001, Reiki Mastery in 2015, Coaching Certificate in 2018. 

My dream has been all layers of wellness and  healing, physically, spiritually, emotionally.  I want to help people feel empowered and beautiful and find reason to celebrate.  A life doula.  Midwife of Life.

My Story

I am blessed that I get to help people feel empowered about life:

It didn’t start out that way.
I have had a hard time fitting in since birth. I never quite belonged anywhere. I was sensitive, empathic, intuitive, and smart. I was weird. I didn’t fit in any boxes I was supposed to. Because of childhood trauma… I felt not enough, in all the ways.

I learned to be invisible, quietly trying to fit in to a society focused on values so different than mine. Somehow I didn’t die.

After all the years of trying to fit into the boxes I didn’t fit in, I hit the darkest time of my life. I lost everything- my home, my husband, my home salon. I had a borrowed car, and was house sitting for a place for my son and I to sleep. My salon bag was stolen, from the borrowed car and the borrowed driveway… which left me no hope for income. A family member said, “stop complaining and get a f***ing job”.

From the floor, I wept. I cried and swore at the God I had never believed in. (I have since learned I am not the only entrepreneurial woman who ended up on the floor in a fetal position bargaining with God.) I cried, “Hey universe or angels or whoever is listening. This life has been f***ing hard. I can’t trust myself or my heart. If you want me not to die, I need help. Please show me. And be gentle because I’m hurting and scared” I had been in fight or flight for decades.

Within 10 minutes, two people texted me and asked for Reiki sessions. They didn’t know why they needed the sessions, but BOTH felt called to ask. I wiped my snot bubbles away, washed my hands, and received help from the universe while they received reiki.

And somehow, I survived. I needed a lot of help, while also believing I didn’t deserve it.

I had the courage to ask for help, and I had the courage to receive help, and I had the courage to act. And somehow, I learned to thrive. One of my mentors tells me, “the most successful people (in all realms) get the most help.”

Truth is, we need each other. We need support. We all do.

Since that time, I have learned to trust Spirit and the wisdom of my Soul. I am aligned with my Soul’s purpose, which has positively changed my life forever. I am humbled and joy-filled (and a little bit shocked) that this positively changes other’s lives too.
I feel incredibly grateful that I get to guide people into their most amazing life.