Laying in the sun at the medicine wheel.  My tummy feels warm and sunny. If we are made of stars, we are the universe and the universe is in us.  

Then maybe there can be a bit of sun inside me.  Solar Plexus chakra is yellow, like the sun.  

When I meditate, I think of a fluid, cool stream flowing through my body, starting at my head, pouring all the way through, out my toes and fingers.  It calms me completely, and I feel deeply connected to the stream.  Maybe that’s my inner eye, 6th chakra, connecting to the stream of consciousness?

My heart is pink, even though I try to picture green tendrils of leaves and vines, curls of new growth.  My heart feels like a star nursery, a pink stellar nebula.  Pleiades maybe. Pink and expansive, growing with love and life.  

My throat- light blue like the sky,

my truth and voice rise to the sky.  
7th crown chakra is dark violet, night sky, 
in space, the universe.  

My sacral chakra is orange

like a warm summer sunset.  

From my back on the warm rock at the medicine wheel I can see rose hips on the bushes, they are red.  New life is coming, the circle continues.  I am connected and I feel alive.