I have been away, both physically (house sitting, away from my computer) and emotionally.  I am… waiting…  preparing… I feel something tremendous is about to happen.  Like James and the Giant Peach (for all of you who remember that amazing book from childhood).

The anticipation makes me dizzy, I feel in between worlds, in limbo… going through the motions with my body in the every day world, but in transition in my mental world.  I am growing from the inside out, or the outside in. I can’t tell which.  Perhaps both at the same time?
Guess what?  I am awakening.  The world is beginning to awake too!  And I am part of it!!
All the goodness in the world is awakening, coming out of dormancy, like slumbering trees in the enchanted forest.  Not just the faeries, elves, and druids, but everything beautiful and good and pure, everything hopeful for humanity is awakening, yawning, stretching, coming alive, old and new pure spirits reaching out, touching fingers, smiling, then grinning, holding hands, as all goodness flows through each presence, flowing back and forth, in and out, in harmony, out to the universe. 

There is hope!  Goodness is alive and well in the land, and it is swelling and growing, it’s warmth and light reaching all the dark corners of the earth.  We are all one, humanity.


The change is coming, peace is growing, freedom is spreading.  There is abundance for all to live and thrive.

You may think I am a hopeless romantic sap.  I’ll show you 🙂