spring 2014

How to learn to trust myself when my whole world is falling apart?
Life isn’t happening to you.  It is happening with you.  
We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  What we feel and think (emotions) is a beacon to attract everything that comes to us.  Heart is truth, but the mind can lie.   We are electromagnetic vibrational beings, operating through emotions.
We operate through love or fear.  
Love is intuitive, fluid, open, trust, joy.
Fear is logical, closed, analytical, afraid.
Laugh, seek joy, live fearlessly.  Cancer is the result of fear.  Be infused with bliss, love, energy.
Learning chakras- helps us be mindful how we invest our precious life force (power, prana, chi) at all times, and be empowered to balance ourselves.  If all is in balance with energy flow, we don’t get depleted.  The target is art of love- balance.  Love yourself while loving another, without losing power.
Chakras- spiritual anatomy that correlates to physical anatomy.  We are batteries; currents of energy come in through the top of our heads from divine universe (source, God…)
Hindu metaphysical and tantric/yoga teaches that chakras are points or knots in the subtle body, located on physical counterparts of major plexus.  Chakras are meeting points of subtle energy channels- nadis.  Energy moves through these channels, through the body.
1st- (red) roots- at sexual part of body- 

             connection, tribal, all is one, survival, safe.
2nd- (orange) womb-
             relationships, partnerships, nuts and bolts of survival, sexual energy
3rd- (yellow) solar plexus/upper belly-
             personal power, self esteem, fear of rejection, intuition, fears of abandonment, unworthy
4th- (green) heart-
             lotus, self love, anahata
5th- (lt blue) throat-
             communication, integrity, truth, speak and receive truth, willpower, choice
6th- (dk blue) third eye/forehead/frontal lobe-
             vision, big picture, clairvoyance
7th- (violet) top of head-
             spiritual, connection to God, source, divine, infinity.