Charmed.  Thinking about all the ways I have been blessed and never really acknowledged it.

By all accounts, I should not be alive.  Here I am, only 1 car wreck (fender bender between two cars at an almost stop).  Despite the odds, I am sane, sober, and healthy.  Despite the odds, I am a mom. Despite the odds, I am healing my life and  becoming a healer.  Despite the odds, I am creative, resourceful, determined.

Despite growing up with abusive parents, some of which were alcoholics, or druggies and in and out of rehab… despite the violence, I managed to keep a pure heart.

There have always been good people in my life to look after me, protect me, believe in me.  Looking back, I must have also had guides and angels, or I wouldn’t be here. Thank you.

13 places I have lived were my first choice, even if I was low on the waiting list (dorm rooms, apartments, houses…)  I still got the places I wanted to be in.  Many of them had clotheslines and a small place for hammock and tiny garden.

I can stop watches, make lights go out, read people with psychic abilities, accomplish things like magic.  It must be when I am in flow, when I really believe it, and don’t doubt that I deserve it, then magic happens.  I know it’s not just because of me, but I am part of it.  

I can say or write things with purpose, and it happens. 

So… I deserve to be free of debt.  We all deserve that.

I deserve abundance, a place to live, a place I’ve always dreamed of, in nature.  I deserve to received lots of money/inheritance/investment/gift/grants, as well as earn good money.  I deserve somebody who believes in me and a healing center in nature.  The universe knows that people on Gaia need this.

Do I need a partner to help me with this?  Or do it on my own?  Will a stranger help?  I’m not sure yet. Either way, I need to know and believe I want this, dream of this, desire and deserve this.