I am thinking about chemicals today.  There are no chemtrails in some places.  You know, the white trails of chemicals that planes leave in the sky.  Most of it is not water vapor.  It’s chemicals.  Why would they put chemicals in the air?  What chemicals are they using?   Why aren’t people outraged?  (I am currently doing research on chemtrails.  So far I have found that the government is very secretive about them, but they contain aluminum oxide and barium.   I have discovered that chemtrails alter the weather, and leave poisons that slowly kill off certain life forms, maybe including humans. 
Chemicals in our water, soil, plants, animals, the food they eat.  Oh and the air.  How the f*** are we supposed to live?  I don’t know anybody else who reads labels like I do (yaay allergies). But if it has chemicals listed in the ingredients, I can’t have it.  And that’s just the items that are labeled in the store. How about before these items get to the store?  What’s in the water, soil, and the foods our animals eat, and what is sprayed on our fresh foods?  What about genetically modified foods?  Chickens, cows, turkeys, pigs, eggs, fish, and whatever they eat are not labeled.  Are there chemicals in those?  
Here is the list of chemicals that I know I am allergic to:
msg, monosodium glutamate, glutamic acid, monopotassium glutamate, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, yeast exract, hydrolyzed anything, protein fortefide, soy protein isolate, why protein, caseinate, malt extract, aspartame, sucralose, any colors or dyes, nitrates, nitrites, smoke falvoring, “natural” flavorings, season all, bouillon, sulfates, sulfites, “enhanced” flavors, umami, ajinomoto, “accent”, and in Spanish, glutamato monosodico.  
That’s over 25 different chemicals, not including specific
dyes and colors.  Can you imagine looking for foods that don’t have even 1 of those 25?
On top of that, I refuse to eat “high fructose corn syrup” too.  (you should research that puppy, it’s very harmful stuff!)  So that rules out everything sweet, salty, meaty, savory, boxed, canned, bottled, or served in a restaurant. And doesn’t even go into researching where something is made,
No wonder people are so overweight!  They are being chemically altered to be addicted to more chemicals in foods.  Our bodies are not designed to break down chemicals.

p.s.  msg is a poison.  it’s an “exito-toxin” that kills braincells, like huffing.  That zippy, zingy flavor you taste when eating msg is actually a few brain cells being killed.  msg is what they use to kill dogs in other countries.  Not us, though, because that’s cruel.  We put it in Cheetos, ranch dressing, cream soups, gravy, Kentucky Fried Chicken, most buffet foods, and most boxed foods.  

War on drugs?  Yes please.  How about Monsantos??