Intro to Spiritual Healing

~8 month Complete Course
        or individual one time classes~

* Women’s Circle
* Moon Energy and Cycles
* Chakras
* Crystals and stone energy
* Essential Oil Basics
* Solfeggio and hz tuning
* Creating Sacred Space
* Healing Childhood Wounds
* Managing your Power
* Mindfulness
* Boundaries
* Speaking your Truth
* Empath Tools
* Being grounded
* Manifesting
* Connection and Consciousness
* Nature energy

Classes currently offered via Video Call/social distancing

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Reiki Classes

Reiki Level I:  Healer, Heal Thyself
Learn the art of self healing, mindfulness, and daily disciplines that will root us firmly on the healing path.  This is the journey of learning to manage your own energy and how to heal internally.  Includes 3 classes, two symbols/ attunements, hands-on practice sessions with other students, and one on one sessions with the teacher.

Reiki Level II:  Committed to becoming a Healer
This is for those who want to become a healer, either professionally or personally.  It is for those who are ready to take on a greater sense of responsibility for the healing of others.  It teaches the tools and techniques every Reiki and Energy Healer must learn, as well as more advanced healing techniques, plus tools to build a practice.  Includes 4 classes, three symbols/attunements, hands-on practice sessions with other students, and one on one sessions with the teacher.

Reiki Level III: Committing to living the Sacred Way in Reiki
This class is for those dedicated to becoming a Reiki Master.  It requires a commitment to live your whole life within the sacred energy.  You are choosing to be a permanent resident of the energy continuum, to make Reiki an intergral part of your life.  Includes a two day mindfulness retreat, with classes, ceremony, meditation; two symbols/attunements, hands-on practice with other Reiki Masters.

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