Classes and Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle

We love this shared time of meaning and peace; to connect as equals, as women, in sisterhood.  Women’s circle is a safe space to share, to be seen, be heard, speak our truth, be held, make music, celebrate, grieve, grow and heal.  We practice mindfulness, ceremony, music, sharing, and sacred space.

We can’t wait to have circle in person again, around a fire, drumming, singing, under the stars.  For now, we meet virtually.

 Mondays at 7pm, via Zoom


Intro to Spiritual Healing


* Moon Energy and Cycles
* Chakras
* Crystals and stone energy
* Essential Oil Basics
* Solfeggio and hz tuning
* Creating Sacred Space
* Healing Childhood Wounds
* Managing your Power
* Mindfulness
* Boundaries
* Speaking your Truth
* Empath Tools
* Being grounded
* Manifesting
* Connection and Consciousness
* Nature energy

Classes are one on one for a deeper spiritual dive


Reiki Classes

Reiki Level I:  Healer, Heal Thyself
Learn the art of self healing, mindfulness, and daily disciplines that will root us firmly on the healing path.  This is the journey of learning to manage your own energy and how to heal internally.  Includes 3 classes, two symbols/ attunements, hands-on practice sessions with other students, and one on one sessions with the teacher.

Reiki Level II:  Committed to becoming a Healer
This is for those who want to become a healer, either professionally or personally.  It is for those who are ready to take on a greater sense of responsibility for the healing of others.  It teaches the tools and techniques every Reiki and Energy Healer must learn, as well as more advanced healing techniques, plus tools to build a practice.  Includes 4 classes, three symbols/attunements, hands-on practice sessions with other students, and one on one sessions with the teacher.

Reiki Level III: Committing to living the Sacred Way in Reiki
This class is for those dedicated to becoming a Reiki Master.  It requires a commitment to live your whole life within the sacred energy.  You are choosing to be a permanent resident of the energy continuum, to make Reiki an intergral part of your life.  Includes a two day mindfulness retreat, with classes, ceremony, meditation; two symbols/attunements, hands-on practice with other Reiki Masters.

Candid Feedback about Reiki Classes

“It’s been a wonderful year for coming in to myself. Reiki is a big part of why. I was reading today about how the Reiki attunements promote an expansive way of looking at the world, and that has been absolutely true for myself. I feel empowered in a truly significant way to promote healing and good in the world, which is the work that I love.” ~ PP

“I have had some profound things come through recently. Reiki has definitely helped me a lot, I feel more open and can definitely tell a difference with me being more willing to use my voice and speak up for myself when I need to. There’s so much more too!”  ~AK

“I think I’m getting back to me and feeling calmer knowing things will be ok or that I don’t have to have the answer right now.” ~SW

“Reiki has once again pushed me to my limits.  On a practical level, I reiki everything now, (situations, rooms, trauma, aches and pains, animals, plants, etc) whereas before just Reiki on myself and people who asked.  My biggest breakthrough has been healing my relationship with my dad!”  ~MH


Feedback on private classes first, then going through again with Women’s Circle:

“I think it was good to do class a second time, and it was nice to have the group.  It was also nice one on one, because I felt more focused.  I learned a whole knew set of lessons for sure.”   ~KF

“I do think that it helped to go through a second time. I loved going through with everyone and getting to connect with them. I did not go as deep as before, but I feel like this time was more focusing on being able to give to those around me that needed it (before it was me that really needed it). I did have a break through and realized I need to be less dependent on others to find more security in myself so; I had to let go of some old insecurities that came up.” ~AF