Random thoughts
Several days of ideas, inspiration, guidance, insight

Cherokee words:
Peace.  Be Still.

Friend (Marti): 
You are magnificent in your own quiet way.  
Not here to do, but to be.
Our wholeness, our light, is our gift.  How we do it is irrelevant.

This is the first time in my life 
I have been physically and emotionally safe.
Peeling off the layers to see what’s inside.
I think there is an inner child in there!

Friend (RiverEyes):
What do you really want to do when you grow up?
Me:  I want to play. Plant things.  Grow things.  Travel.
Lay in hammocks.  Swim in oceans.  
Sleep under the stars.  Visit fairies in forests.

Paradigm Shift:
To really manifest abundance 
we must use our hearts and minds.
Create a feeling of well-being in our hearts.  
This creates an electromagnetic field 
which aligns the universe with our intent. 

Everything that ever is and was and will be 
is being created in the now.   A hologram?
It’s all recorded in our cells, our DNA, 
our palms, our tongues, our eyes (iridology?)
akashic records.
Our beliefs and thoughts control our present and can change the future,
but present is an illusion??  And all of it is in the blueprint of our DNA?

I have never felt more at one and connected,
yet alone and separate.
Powerful in my potential,
yet humbled by what I don’t yet know.
And humbled by this human body and experience.
Being truly in the present, 
yet being mindful of creating and manifesting my future.
Do other people have thoughts like this??
How do I embrace the bothness and feel whole?

Friend (RiverEyes):
I release my will, my way
and surrender to Divine Will, Divine Way.

Close my eyes.  Surrender with grace.
Remember.  Peace.  Be still.