Ceremony Contract


Ceremony Contract

Part 1:  Parties

This is an agreement between the following parties for Wedding Date:  _______________________

 ______________________________                                                       ___________________________________

Officiant                                                  and                                                 Couple


Part 2:  Services Rendered

Agreement for the following services rendered:

  • all ceremony consultations- in person, telephone, and email
  • direction of or assistance with rehearsal
  • preparation and officiating of wedding ceremony
  • coordination of events half hour before ceremony


Part 3:   Ceremony Wording Resources

Ceremony materials are available on line, on my website.


Part 4:  Requirement  We must finalize wording of ceremony at a minimum of 7 days before the rehearsal.  If this does not happen,  you will be give two options:

  1. I will choose your ceremony wording and make final choices on your behalf  ~or~
  2. You will be charged a $50 late fee


Part 5:  Payment

Payment for rendered services are as follows:

Total agreed amount for service:      $  __________

Deposit for service:                             $  __________   (not refundable)

Remaining balance:  Will be due before ceremony date:  $__________


Part 6:  Cancellation of Services

Receiver may cancel this contract for any reason.   The deposit amount is not refundable.  If you cancel within 60 days of your scheduled event, you will forfeit 75% of total fee owed.  If you cancel within 30 days of your scheduled event, you agree to pay in full.

If an act of nature, such as fire, flood, earthquake, or other natural calamity causes the Officiant to be unable to provide the agreed to goods or service, Receiver will not be required to pay remaining balance for the goods or service, and will not hold the Officiant liable.   In the event of an act of nature, an alternate wedding day may be negotiated.


Part 7:  Agreement

We, the undersigned, agree to the terms of this contract as stated above. 



___________________________________________   and    _____________________________________________

                        Officiant            Date                                          Couple                     Date