Yesterday we shared a pizza by the beach, sat on the shaded porch, and colored.  S observed, “Grown ups don’t color enough. It’s fun.  They don’t smile much either.”  I agreed, and said, “very true.  please pass the green!”
You can just see the ocean through the coconut trees, from the pizza place, on the sidewalk, by the beach.  
I accidentally ordered pineapple, mushroom, and green olive pizza (I wanted black olive).  It was surprisingly tasty!!


Zoom Image 
Then Rasta Carl sat with us for a bit, and explained the history of Rasta (from Africa) and Garifunas, and what their colors mean. 

The Rasta colors are red yellow black green, the African flag colors.  Red= blood shed by the slaves.   Yellow= stolen gold, greed.   Green= earth, land.  Black= people’s struggles.

The Garifuna colors- Yellow= hope, liberation.  White= peace, freedom.  Black= death and suffering of slaves.  I never knew there was a meaning behind the colors.  I might consider wearing them now.

We gathered flowers on the way back to the little house;  I try not to pick them if they aren’t in our yard, so mostly I just find them on the sand.  S says I need a bumper sticker on my butt, “warning!! stops suddenly for flowers!”

It’s true. 
This is what I drew by the beach today…