spontaneous musings while sitting in the dirt, weeding.
Struggling to make sense of all the changes, internally and externally.
So much to process.

Memo alert!!!  New info coming in!
What do I do with it?
I don’t know.
It’s important!
Yes, It’s all important.
I must understand it and make sense of it!

No- everything is fine.
Don’t rush.
In it’s own time.
But hurry.
It’s the evolution of you
and all humans.
No big deal.

Weeds.  Pull weeds!  Nature.
Check out
and check in.

All is fine.
I’m teary, overwhelmed.
How can I possibly do all of this
on so many levels?
And of course, in a short while,
I’ll remember
I signed up for this.
And of course, I can do this.

Friend writes back-
“It all takes care of itself.
Just “be” in joy.
“be” in beauty.
and “be” in love.’
No need to hurry.
Slow down.
Let me be still with you.

Be still with me.