I am sad beyond description.  I am angry at the world on so many levels!  I can’t wrap my head (or heart) around a society that is so evil, mean, greedy, selfish, disconnected.  We should nurture and lift each other up; if we love each other and help each other, we all win.  Nobody seems to know this.

I am disillusioned about all of it. Food, chemicals, toys, plastic, commercials, media, war, lies, disconnect, famine, politics, pollution, mean people, control, expectations, forced into boxes, desks, shoes, working instead of being with your own children, divorce, marriage, loneliness, being different, being sensitive, malice, corruption, government, cement, struggling so hard financially and never catching up…

I’m sure I am growing.  But what for?  What is the point of being knocked down over and over? I haven’t yet gained footing or the strength to function, much less deal with my own issues and baggage, not to mention making a difference in the world in any way.  

What am I supposed to be learning?  What is the lesson?  Please tell me it gets better than this.