I had a very sad day.  A hide under the covers and try to sleep through it and wake up next week kind of sad day.  I hate it when my son sees me sad.  On the other hand, I realize I am human, and run the whole gamut of emotions.  I want him to know that it’s normal, to have different emotions, and that how you feel is ok; it’s truth.  

I didn’t have words to tell him what was going on.  I couldn’t even explain to myself the complexities of my emotions today.  He intuited most of it, bless his heart, he’s a smart kid.  Sometimes we communicate without words, and he understands my heart.  I find it especially delightful, because we really understand each other, and yet he is so very different than me.   

So the wisdom of a ten year old.  He guessed I had been indoors too long and needed to be outside.  He prescribed me a hug, a walk, and a dose of swinging in the park.  Profound, little one 🙂

the park

he swings too
pink rain?