Everything feels surreal, ethereal…
I think I just lived 12 lifetimes in one week.
Except I died.
I shattered completely to smithereens.
To nothingness.
And from nothing, there was stillness.
And then awareness and clearness.
And now, the perspective can be so opposite from spun out,
not-self-care, not taking reflective time,
to after- quiet, grounded, connected time.
I know this!
Every day I must do this!
It feels like madness,
feeling so sure and clear one day,
and entirely the opposite the next.
When I reflect (meditate)
the answers get bigger from outside of me,
instead of small from inside of me (fear).
The answers come in from the universe
when I get still.
So I would like to make this a daily practice (again)
meditating, being still and quiet.
I forgot.
I’m so sorry.
I forgot who I was and what I need for balance.
And I got lost (again)
And am found (again)
with bigger awareness, and more love.
I wish for this knowing to stay clear
and not get clouded or pushed aside.
I wish for my balance to stay grounded,
no matter what is going on or who is around me.
I wish for my heart to stay open
so the guidance is clear.
Thank you for helping me to remember.