Wow!  What perfect place to begin my journey…. We have been here for four days, four perfect days in paradise.  I love it!  I love finding new flowers every day.  Coconuts, bananas, and who knows what else is growing in the yard (and it’s winter here now).  I have worn flip-flops every day.  We laugh all the time, just filled with joy and wonder.  It smells lovely here, like the air is alive with nutrients.  Actually, everything and everyone seems alive here.  The people are warm, kind, their energy feels content.  It feels like I have finally come home.  

I appreciate life here.  I am excited to have a clotheslines, a yard full of food, and the ocean nearby.  The markets are within walking distance, as is the beach, which we haven’t even explored yet.  I like being unplugged from commercialism, tv, consumerism, fake living, eating chemicals and plastics and poisons.  I look forward to this time of simpler existence, that focuses on all that is important to me; genuine living, real interaction between people, a community where people look out for each other, provide for each other as needed.  A slower place more focused on actually living, and not just making a living.

I wonder how long I will love it?  Will I get homesick?  Will I miss the conveniences of fast food, hot showers on demand, texting, email, facebook?  Will I miss the people still home, the ones who don’t even really know me, who want me to sit at a desk and work like a good citizen, while my son sits at a desk at school, learning about places he will never go?

I wonder how I will be able to explain this…