Dear full moon, red moon, eclipse moon
My heart is full of wishes.  I almost get it, this new way of creating, good magic, higher frequency.  I’m still struggling with my own limitations.  Higher self, please kick my butt in gear and drop these doubts, fears, worries, baggage, childhood stuff.  Please help me see myself as worthy, divine, powerful, gentle, beautiful, strong, lovable, pure, glowing goddess I came here to be.  Open up and live, radiate,embody, vibrate love.
“Our invitation is to open our bodies, cells, and our heart portals to receive a new dream of what our lives can be and what is possible.”
“I nurture the birth of my being with primal trust”
“This restart offers us a potent invitation to forgive our mistakes or inadequacies of the past cycles, start fresh with humility and connection to our own inherent innocence and wholeness… to extend peaceful vibration by compassionately forgiving all of our relations.”
I wish I had written down where I found these quotes?
I wish for the whole world and system to be reborn in love, peace, abundance, joy, thriving.  I realize I can help that happen when I step into my purpose.