Gah!  My head hurts.  Maybe because I’ve been so overtired I slept half the day.  Too bad too, because today was the first sunny day in ages.  There is hope for spring.  Stoopid winter :p

Maybe my head hurts because my dad keeps feeding S McDonalds, despite our repulsion of McDonalds.  I don’t know what kind of light bulbs to buy (incandescent wastes energy, fluorescent has mercury and put out emfs)  Microwaves chemically alter the cells in your food.  Yikes!  Brita and Pur do not filter out flouride.  What music is ok to listen to?

If we refuse to watch tv (we refuse) and instead read books, does it matter what books we read?  (duh, of course it does!)  How much reading is healthy?  How much escaping reality is good, or is it a different mind control?  Or worse- mind numbing?

I don’t want my son in public schools.  He is an amazing, brilliant, aware soul.  I don’t want him held back by the “no child left behind” standards, or numbed and soul-squelched.  I do want him to socialize and know how to participate in the real world, but I don’t want it to control or stifle him.  Heck, most of the time, I don’t even want to participate in the real world either…

Speaking of emfs- lightbulbs… guess what else puts out those frequencies?  Doorbells, smoke detectors, smart meters eek!  Then there are tracking devices in cell phones, computers, electronics.  I just heard that tvs can monitor who is in the room and adjust ads accordingly (dog barking= dog food commercials).  And something about x boxes monitoring too  eek!!  drones?  eek!!!

At what level do I lose my mind from paranoia?  There are chemicals in the food and water, genetically modified foods being chemically altered in microwaves, being served in houses being bombarded by emfs, and more chemicals (carpet paint stain resistant fabrics febreeze plastic?  plastic- that’s another blog)
and electronics (phones laptops ipads nooks dvrs cable tv) being tracked and monitored so our ads and brainwashing can be personalized and supersized oh my!  Why do I feel like the unfortunate exhibit in a bad science experiment?

Ha ha- know what started this entry?  Wondering whether or not I should take vitamins.  Really.

Weird- everybody knows chemicals are bad for us, McDonalds is unhealthy, commercials and media and tv are deliberately trying to manipulate us, so many poisons and toxins and controls…

What I don’t understand is how everybody knows this, but don’t seem to be upset.  They frown and wrinkle their brows at me and ask why I am upset.  They say, “calm down.  meh.”

Why isn’t everybody screaming?  We SHOULD be infuriated, dammit!  We should feel violated, raped even, what they are doing to us and our children.  We should demand freedom, healthy, organic, genuine reality, real living.  Why am I the weird one for believing not only that it’s possible and achievable, but that it would be worth it?