Today I hiked up a mountain and laid on a rock in the sun in the water (hot springs).  I tried to look up at the blue sky, but the sun lured my eyes closed.  I did reiki on myself, balanced my chakras with nature.  Throat chakra brought up many emotions. And tears.  I allowed them to well up, and asked anything that no longer serves me to be released into the sky and transformed with love.  

I felt the sun warming me through my solar plexus.  I am a sun goddess.  I felt my truth going into the sky.  I am a goddess of truth.  I felt the water moving around me.  I am in the water, the water is in me, a stream of consciousness inside and out.  I am a water goddess.  I felt universes and stars, constellations, nebulas shining toward me in a vast purple sky.  I am a goddess of the universe. 

I feel flowers blooming in me, little roots poking out my toes, into the earth, growing deeper and deeper through the loamy soil, digging to root my being with the heart of the earth.  I am an Earth goddess.  

My heart is so full of love.  I feel I could single-handedly change the world (and other days I walk into walls and  am humbled by how much there is to learn).  

I am connected and complete.