backyard 2012
clematis and honeysuckle

I want to grow, heal, learn, expand, enjoy… but I am also scared, vulnerable, and want to feel safe.  I want to believe in love.  I am trying to be easier to love.  That is part of my  journey this year, finding what’s good in me and around me. 

peony and geraniums
my fav spot in the yard 🙂

It is strange to be back in our home town, but not in our house.   I keep thinking about what is blooming now.  When S was very small, we started a tradition of adventuring in our yard.  We would wander about together, holding hands, discovering what was budding, sprouting, poking up out of the earth.  


We treated it like a birthday, all the presents to find that were just for us!  And I guess, in a way, it was a birthday for each of the buds and plants..
clematis on the pergola

We had planted so many things over the years.  Many were starts from friends, so our landscaping was pieced together with the love of others, leftovers, transplants, cuttings, recycling and sharing.  Hydrangeas, dogwood, plum tree, pear tree, poppies, strawberries, artichoke, grapes, iris, hyacinth, crocus, lilacs, tulips, yucca, virginia creeper, pussy willow, loganberries, hostas, clematis, wisteria, echinacea, daisies, peonies…   


Every year I brought the outer edges of the yard further in, replacing grass with plants.We wanted the yard to be lush, green, a haven of life and living.  I think we will be able to do that again, with time, somewhere else.  I hope the new owners love it as much as we did, and appreciate all the plants that come up each year.


from my yard

Goodbye house, goodbye yard.  We will miss you.
our first pear!