On our way to the medicine wheel. We will drum, sing, do ceremony, a healing meditation, leave gifts and crystals, charge our others to bring back.

What will be healed today?
Thank you medicine wheel, universe, and creator, for healing.

My body is healed.  All cells, systems, organs are healed completely.  I breathe easily, I sleep well.  I am fit, lean, strong, vivacious, my past is healed and released.  I am joy.

All blockages are removed, I am energy and light, light from source flows through me as it is meant to.  I am reconnected with my spirit, I am reconnected with Source.  I remember my purpose and my path.  I am love.

I am connected with the Earth, with gaia, with waters, grass, fields, mountains, trees, flowers, animals.  all is healed, vibrant, free, thriving.  The energy spreads to everything living on the planet, humans are healed, their hearts soften and open, and they feel the pulse of spirit, we all come alive with love.  I am one.  Welcome to Earth.

Our planet is completely healed and we are reconnected to the whole universe, with all that has ever existed and all that ever will.  We realize our cosmic oneness, it brings us peace.  We are one.