Reiki and Healing Touch

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that activates the body’s natural healing process.  It allows positive energy to revive and repair, promoting a natural balance between mind, body, and spirit.  Reiki increases energy levels, reduces stress, and allows the body to self-heal.  When used in conjunction with other rehabilitation practices, it can decrease recovery time and lesson possible side effects.

Reiki connects you to that quiet, peaceful place inside you; your happy place.  It might feel like floating on a sailboat on gentle waves, being lovingly rocked as a child, laying in a meadow watching clouds float by, or dreamily curled on a lily-pad on a fairy pond, or hearing a song that touches your soul, or fly-fishing on the perfect day in the perfect river, or might feel like that sleepy space in between worlds while waking from a lovely dream.  Reiki connects you to that space where all is right in your world, even if just for a bit.

While Massage Therapy focuses primarily on muscles and the physical body, Reiki addresses all layers of the body, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.  Reiki with touch combines massage and energy healing. 

Tanran Reiki acknowledges that love is an energy and can help heal anything inside a person, given enough time, receptiveness, and willingness to change.  Tanran has its origin, like all other Reiki lineages, with Dr. Mikao Usui, so it connects with the same Universal Energy and traditional 5 symbols.   This lineage has two additional symbols- one for each chakra, adding a symbol for the heart chakra, and a symbol for for enlightenment, consciousness, and lightworkers.  

Shamanic ReikiMay involve journeying between worlds, journeying into the past or future, meeting spirit guides, ancestors, Creator/Great Spirit, spiritual family, or feeling free and out of body floating without the confines of dense earth energy…  and then returning to earth and grounding with Gaia- connecting with energies of the earth, waters, trees, sunlight and starlight and the moon; and finding our place here.

Would you like to learn Reiki to help heal yourself or others?  Contact me about classes.

Water Reiki   $60+

Water Reiki is similar to Watsu, a form of aquatic bodywork used for deep relaxation and passive aquatic therapy.  While floating in warm water, I gently cradle, move, massage, and stretch you.  This can be done at a hotsprings or private hot tub under the stars.  This therapy is deeply relaxing and gentle.

Reiki   $75+

This includes gentle touch and hand placements on the body while you are snuggled in warm blankets, on a massage table.  This starts with steam towels on the face, then gentle massage of hands, arms, neck, head, and feet.  Reiki is gently given during the massage, and may include reflexology, pressure points, earth grounding, and chakra clearing.  

AromaTouch  $60+

The AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide every individual with healing touch and an essential oil experience.  The AromaTouch Technique is about connecting with another person on an emotional level, in a safe, healing environment, and allowing the body to return to balance and wholeness. 

Testimonials from Clients

Shared  from a family member, about Shamanic Reiki sessions, performed over a period of several months on a friend who had cancer… “He did not identify as a spiritual person, but  Reiki changed his life.  Working with Nicolle over time brought him comfort and ease and allowed him to step into the light with joy and peace, and pulled together an entire group of people around the globe in community support and prayer.  We are certain if we had started sooner, he would be alive now. ”  ~Penelope

“My side effects of chemo were half of what they were the previous week.  Reiki held the really bad chemo side effects at bay.”  ~Emilie

“Nicolle’s gentle touch (the softest/gentlest touch I know of) relaxes me to the core.  Her energy quietly works with mine, as she transports me to the mountains, where I am floating on the lake in the sunshine.  Her energy bolsters me for days, and gives me stamina to face overwhelming responsibilities of life.”  ~Sue

Humans are incredibly complex beings.

For the most part, we are stressed, tired, over worked, depleted, disconnected, unfulfilled…