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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy-based approach to healing that originated in ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings that activates the body’s natural healing process. Reiki can be done with or without touch.  Reiki is a method of spiritual healing of the body and soul.

Reiki is peaceful, safe, comforting, and feels familiar. We have cellular memory, it’s in our bones, to be connected and in sync with all that is. We have forgotten to live in flow, fallen out of sync, don’t spend as much time in nature, growing our food, being one with life. Reiki helps the whole self- comforts the inner child and the human body, resets the nervous system, sends healing to the past, eases trauma wounds, connects you with your wise higher self, Creator, nature, and all that is.

Healthy touch causes your brain to release oxytocin, known as the “bonding hormone.” This stimulates the release of other feel-good hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, while reducing stress hormones, such as cortisol and norepinephrine.

Does Distance Reiki work? 
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Receive Reiki

Client is nestled into blankets on a massage table.  The session begins with a calming breathing meditation, then hot towels on the face to bring the person into balance and calm.

Then we do gentle massage on the the face, neck, shoulders, hands, arms, and feet, with comforting hand placements on the heart, belly, and legs (through blankets). It is not massage therapy.

Reiki helps you be in touch with your energy, and can also include other helpful modalities such as mindfulness, breath, meditation, intention, managing your thoughts, handling anxiety, healing trauma.  

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Learn Reiki

Now accepting applications for
Group, Private, & Online Reiki Classes

Level 1:
Discover your learning style, Reiki History, finding your power, creativity, boundaries, self-soothing, managing anxiety, self healing, 2 symbol attunements.

Level 2:
Tuning into your heart, becoming your own safe space, speaking your truth, communication, empath tools, being in alignement, intuition, connecting with your guides, learn how to give Reiki to animals, family and friends, distance reiki, 3 symbol attunements.

Practitioner and Mastery:
For Practitioner and Mastery Certificate, You must schedule time with Nicolle in person for attunements and extra information.


Nicolle has such a deep understanding of human nature and the healing arts, and she has a wealth of knowledge about reiki and spirituality! Since coaching, I notice when I feel too much of another person’s energy and how it’s affecting me, and I can build better protection or boundaries so that I don’t feel like I need to react to them. I am much calmer now.
~Cassie P.

If you were to see me in person, you would not be looking at someone that you would ever think would study Reiki. I’m a big, tattooed, biker looking United States Marine and retired cop. From the very first moment I came in contact with Nicolle, I felt a calmness and a feeling of peace that I knew I needed more of in my life. Every class she taught, provided deeper spiritual understanding not only about Reiki and the corresponding symbols, but about the connectedness of the universe as a whole. The time spent with Nicolle enhanced my life, my way of BEing and my feeling of peace and gratitude.
~Lance S.

I wanted to learn Reiki, but because of a compromised immune system, I couldn’t participate in a group setting. Nicolle allowed me to study on my own and provided me with all of the information that I was able to do at my own pace. She is such a heart-centered person and loving soul. It wasn’t about a strict structure, but rather a deeper connection to my own inner guidance and connection to my Higher Power.
~Carlene S.


Learning Reiki has helped me understand my daughter’s struggles and how to help relieve her tics by moving the energy and anxiety that gets stuck in her body. When there is high stress in the house, I can use Reiki to relieve the stress and filling rooms with love. Also, my husband has insomnia and my Reiki puts him to sleep, so that has helped him greatly.
~Jenna C


I’m so grateful for everything you’ve taught and supported me through. I don’t know what I would’ve done the past 2 years(?) without a safe place to go to. I feel I have a stronger foundation now to take on life’s lessons. I can feel some extra support during my self reiking. I can tap out of my thinking mind (which has gotten really hard lately) and listen to the subtle gentle whispers from beyond. And the change I’ve seen in others in the class during this time!! It’s just amazing witnessing women and people grow.
~Anna T

I feel your support, plus trusting myself and trusting others. Also the extra discernment that has come from feeling safety around others has helped me feel when someone isn’t a safe person and I can love them at a distance. I wish I could tell you all the ways that You and Reiki and this class have helped me.  I am not who I was 6 months ago and I wouldn’t have come this far without Reiki. I’ve had therapy during this time, but it would have all been cerebral without Reiki. Reiki connected me to my self again and showed me it was safe to also connect with others.
~Meghan B

Nicolle’s gentle touch (the softest/gentlest touch I know of) relaxes me to the core. Her energy quietly works with mine, as she transports me to the mountains, where I am floating on the lake in the sunshine. Her energy bolsters me for days, and gives me stamina to face overwhelming responsibilities of life.
~Sue C

Shared from client’s family member, about Shamanic Reiki sessions, performed over a period of several months on a friend who had cancer… “He did not identify as a spiritual person, but Reiki changed his life. Working with Nicolle over time brought him comfort and ease and allowed him to step into the light with joy and peace, and pulled together an entire group of people around the globe in community support and prayer. We are certain if we had started sooner, he would be alive now.”

My side effects of chemo were half of what they were the previous week. Reiki held the really bad chemo side effects at bay.

I was surprised my skepticism was welcomed in Reiki class instead of shut down.
Nobody made an attempt to convince me to believe what I didn’t want to believe.
Everyone met each other as they were.
~Danny H

I thought I was taking care of my business but in some areas I realized I wasn’t minding the store and reiki brought it from and center. When I needed some extra support you were there. The thing that distinguishes you, in my perspective, is your depth of caring and the compassion you have for the people in your community.
~Joe F.