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Nicolle absolutely loves nontraditional weddings- nature and destination weddings, eco-green, offbeat, romantic meaningful celebrations.  Each ceremony is written just for the couple, with words that reflect your relationship, journey, promises to each other.  Nicolle brings gentleness, poise, experience, and calmness to your exciting day.  Whether you wish to elope in the mountains, or barefoot by the river, have a small ceremony with your dogs as the witnesses, or a large gathering and celebration, she will help you create the perfect ceremony.  

She has been officiating weddings for over 20 years, more than 500 unique personalized ceremonies.  As a Humanist Celebrant, she also offers ceremonies for for all rites of passage, including naming ceremonies, welcoming new life (christening), funeral and celebration of life services, home blessings.

Nicolle studied Shamanism, Anthropology, Psychology and graduated from College of Idaho in 1995, and studied for two more years to become ordained through Humanist Society of Friends, and the Church of Spiritual Humanism.  

If you would like to learn more or schedule a consult for your special day, please call or email me!

Price depends on your needs and the location of the wedding

Officiating  $350 +

Ceremony will be performed at site of your choice (price quote is within the valley).  

      includes consultations via phone/video/in person
      custom personalized ceremony
      assistance with coordinating procession, lineup, cues
      signing/mailing license

Elopement or Civil Ceremony  $200+

Ceremony will be performed at site of your choice (price quote is within the valley).  

includes consultation via phone/video
choice of ceremony
signing/mailing license

What is Humanist Celebrant and Officiant?

A Humanist Celebrant adheres to Humanist ethics and principles, which assert that all adults, whatever their religious preference or sexual orientation, have the right to form committed loving relationships, and to acknowledge the significance of those relationships with ceremony and celebration.  Sacred Mariposa is LGBTQ and transgender friendly.

Humanists believe that we are personally responsible for the lives we live.  The group itself does not share one particular belief about the divine;  each member holds their own beliefs about religion. The belief we do share is the faith that we are all part of humankind, and we all share this existence on earth. No matter what we believe about the hereafter, we have to live right now; help others, be honest, be fair, live with integrity, ethics, and morals, be kind, protect the earth and all living things on it.

“The root of all religion is love, and that supersedes everything else.”
~ Reverend Susanna Macomb