So the question of the day…
I am certain the universe will provide for me everything I need and probably desire.  I am also certain that I can manifest pretty well, almost at magic levels.  But I have to be careful, because I can manifest things that aren’t in my best interest.  

How do I know what is in my best interest?  How do I know what is best for me?  How do I know what is best in the long term, for my higher good?  How do I know what is selfish and seems needy, that it isn’t deeper than that?  What feels like deep love isn’t just… being needy?  If I knew the rules or what was best…  and nobody can know.  And waiting and wishing is terribly difficult.  

I don’t want to force the wrong things, just because they feel right.  I can’t see into the future, or the big picture of before I got here and after I go.  I hardly understand my own thoughts, feelings, and needs.  I will try to listen and be patient.  

Universe, please guide me to listen and be soft.  To learn the lessons I need to, to become who I am meant to become, to remember all I need to know, and be love.