I went to meditate in the hot springs again today.  Something about the sun and water… makes me feel I’m home.
My intent today was to be fully healed, and ask the universe to release all the old programs I don’t need anymore, and download the new programs I need to function in a higher vibration, embody love.
I laid in the sun and meditated about nature.  I am the breeze.  I am the ocean.  I am the sun, tree roots, dirt, lakes, stars, flowers!  Oh how I love flowers!  
I balanced my chakras, and then had the thought- what if all my chakras were flowers?  Red tulips, orange poppies, yellow forsythia and daffodils, pink magnolia blossoms and rose petals, pale blue violets, dark blue clematis, and purple lilacs…
I am not a little flower anymore.  I am a field of wild flowers!  
The breeze blows through me and my petals flutter in the wind, my colors dance in the sunlight. I am delicate and wild, strong roots, tenaciously and persistently bringing beauty to the earth.  
I am alive, strong, vibrant, colorful, beautiful, powerful in my gentleness.  My purpose is to be beautiful space, sacred nature, be the smile.