I was awake in the middle of the night, and wandered outside to look at the stars.  I watched a satellite go by, and wondered how fast it must be going. Then I wondered how fast the earth is spinning, and how come I can’t feel it.  I pictured the earth rotating, and the orbit around the sun, and the whole solar system is spinning as well.  How come we don’t feel like we are on the scrambler ride at the fair?  

While I was thinking about all the orbits, it occurred to me that planets orbiting around the sun are very similar to protons orbiting around a nucleus.  A nucleus is a lot like a little sun if you think about it. What if cells are actually tiny solar systems?  What if solar systems are just cells to some unimaginably bigger life form?  Perhaps our solar system is really just one big cell, one solar cellular structure….?  
If you look at a galaxy, you see the bigger sum of who we are.  If you look through a microscope, you see the smaller sum of who we are.  Does everything get infinitely smaller or infinitely larger, depending on the direction?  Does it all run in one long continuum in either direction?  Or does it fold back in on itself like an MC Escher drawing, a riddle, a torus of energy, small becoming larger and large becoming smaller?  Does it all exist at the same time?

Inside every cell is life, a consciousness.  All the separate live cells add up to a larger body (life form).  The individual cells create overall life.  A human is made up of millions of individual, separate life cells that contain individual energy; but collectively, it creates a whole new life energy.  All the cells working together, with the DNA script of life and protein and energy, in synergy, create a new bigger energy.  Energy creates energy, life creates life.  Everything is ultimately part of everything, smaller is part of bigger, little frequencies create bigger frequencies, everything contributes to the synergy and energy of life.  All is energy.  All is a vibration.
If everything everywhere is energy, then our consciousness is energy, and creates energy.  If all the individual cells create life, then our individual energy creates our reality because cellular energy changes collective energy around us.  Like a ripple…  send out a thought created in your heart, and it ripples out around us, affecting all the energy in the universe.  If I want peace, I can become peace, by changing the vibration of frequency within myself.  Peace will ripple out from me, and create more peace around me, by altering frequencies of that around me.  

Ultimately, I am a galaxy.  I am made up of star dust and energy and life and consciousness.  Everything that exists is within me, and I am part of everything that is and was.  I am not flawed; or I wouldn’t be here.  Cosmically speaking, I am perfect. 
I was inspired about the torus from a movie called Thrive Movement.  Here is a link to the movie trailer.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OibqdwHyZxk