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Don’t judge me until you know me.   Here is one step towards getting to know me…
I am an INFJ-  the most rare personality type, gifted in ways that others are not

My meaning of life:  is to find the meaning of life.    

Other possible INFJs:  Ghandi, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr  
I am: 
intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, wise

gentle, caring, complex, highly intuitive

seek intense, deep, authentic, meaningful relationships

seek meaning and purpose in everything

natural nurturer, patient, devoted, protective

genuinely warm, concerned for people’s feelings

uncanny insight into people and situations

orderly, systematic, creative, visionary

by definition, rare, reserved, and unlikely to initiate anything

protective of inner self, private, internal

deep, complex, difficult to understand

intimacy is nearly spiritual, passionate experience

selflessly give love, deep love, enjoy loving

sensitive to conflict, causes anger and illness

intense, tightly wound

perfectionist- hard on selves, not living up to potential

rarely at peace, try to grow, improve selves and world, are constantly in a state of self-renewal

deeply bonded to nature, being outside

INFJs are authentic, intuitive, caring, quiet and peace-loving.  They are also intricately and deeply woven and highly complex, mysterious, mystical.  They yearn to be understood, loved, and accepted as they are, in the way they deeply understand and accept others.  With an extremely high intelligence (genius) they are often very open-minded, selfless and non-judgmental of others.  INFJs have vivid imaginations and are the most poetic of all the types.  They are sometimes looked upon by others as naive, weak, or gullible, mostly because they are idealistic and try to see the good in all. 

INFJs are both creative and responsible, artistic and logical, spiritual and scientific, intuitive and analytic, because they have the ability to use both the left and right lobes of the brain equality and interchangeably, to think logically and artistically/abstractly.  (this ability is very rare and has powerful implications.)   They are on a lifelong search for unique identity and meaning; spirituality is important to them.  Everything is somehow connected to everything else, forming a vast and interconnected web.  They live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities – part of an unusually rich inner life – artistic. 

As friends:  INFJs can be pretty intense emotionally; they are easily hurt and feel very deeply.  Once an INFJ opens up to you and trusts you – it can be very intense.  They will often share their most intimate thoughts, visions and dreams.  It will feel like information overload to most, but if you are being trusted by an INFJ – feel honored.  They rarely trust people with their inner emotions and feelings.  You will find no one more committed to your friendship or a deeper more meaningful bond than with an INFJ.  An INFJ’s allegiance is no trifle. If an INFJ wants to stick by you, it means they really like you.  Do not violate that gift.
Around people:  In social situations, they are often uncomfortable. They can be easily overwhelmed when in a crowd or a large group.  They tend to be uncoordinated and are likely to bump into a table or trip on a step.  Their energy drains when around others. They will need time alone to re-charge and ‘feel like themselves’. 

As lover:  INFJs are passionate, deep and intense.  To reject an INFJ’s help is to reject their love, and one of the things they hold nearest to their hearts.  They strive to be authentic lovers capable of sustaining deep intimacy, treat spouse with sympathy, tenderness, and frequent expressions of love.  INFJ’s expressions of affection will be subtle, taking a humorous, unexpected turn.  

At home:  INFJs need and want harmony in their homes and find constant conflict, overt or covert, extremely destructive to their psyches.  They care about everyone’s well-being and strive for peace.

As Parent:warm, caring, patient, inspirational, consistent;  help young souls become themselves

INFJ Success:  use very deep understanding of something to do a real service for someone; service to others