I sense new awareness, building up from inside me, but not from me.  A knowing or remembering from elsewhere, before or after or not existing in time? I can’t explain it in words, the ideas are more vast than the limitation of words.

This small gnawing of ideas is starting to give way to a deeper understanding and knowing.  I am in awe, knowing it’s all part of something bigger that I can only barely grasp.  Now the synchronicities are beginning, too many and too powerful to deny their significance.  My little human brain doesn’t understand or comprehend any of it, but my higher self feels giddy, excited as more and more is dawning on me (and dawning in me?)  The realness of it is befuddling, I don’t yet know how all the pieces will fit together, or what the big picture is, but I sense the pieces are significantly important.  I am holding pieces, I am also part of the pieces, I am also the puzzle? How confusing and exciting!

And what if the answer is that none of it really matters, and it will all be worth it?