I am…  I am a free-spirit    a gypsy    light worker    tree hugger    star gazer    mermaid    stardust    love and light   a flower   a secret dancer in the moonlight    whimsical flower child…
I am harmony   delicate  strong    laughing    blushing   gentle    fluid    complex    chocolate   dewdrops    warm peach    artist   healer   writer   lover    nature girl….

Curly hair    wiggly toes    tan lines    dimples    rainbow moonstone on my heart finger    eyes open with curiosity and wonder  (and to quote my friend “with the exuberance and tact of a four year old”)
I would live in a treehouse, under the stars and fireflies, sleep in a hammock, swing in the breeze, leafy lullaby in the branches under the moon- 
the trees would hug me back, surrounded by flowers and the sea… an orphan and child of the universe.

I feel everything, and it is good.