Trying to remember everything I want to remember from reiki today, now that I’m home.  2 hours of everything I want to learn.  If I only remember one thing, it’s divine love, trust the process.  I already know what I need to know.

And my meaning of life needs to be… I am yummy.  safe.  divine. loved.  love.  joy.  alive. that’s all that matters.  The head stuff is just filler, white noise, distraction.

Play now.  swing.  laugh.  barefoot.  silly happy.   love first.  think later.  open the windows.  sing.     Really.

Let the walls down, swing open the gates, accept love.  accept life.  no need for walls now, I am safe. I am home now.  Let in the breeze, moonlight, stardust, butterflies, flower petals, love, let it flitter and float in, heal me.  I am airy, light, fluid, dew drops, morning sun, fairy wings, snot bubbles and all.

Epiphany–  if I come undone while the doors are open, I should come out and play.