Today we visited the school, met the art teacher and the principal Stephen.  What a happy place!  The rooms are completely open, with open windows on two full walls, for cross breezes.   It was sunny in the classrooms!  You could see coconut trees, and ocean from the desks!  (as opposed to jail cell flourescent lit rooms in the US) 

Kids wandered in and out of the principal’s office, one laid her head on his shoulder, he patted another affectionately on the head, a third, fourth, fifth came in, just to see him.  He was delighted to see each and every one of them; and he apologized for being rude to us, his guests (while he admired their drawings and spelling words, just like a proud parent).   Can you believe it?  

From what I could gather, their curriculum is more rigorous then in the US, yet it felt like such a delightfully happy place to be, teachers and kids and all!  Heck, I want to go to school too now!