I am not “just a hairstylist”. 

I am your friend.  In cosmetology school, the instructors said, “You run a business.  This is about business and money.  Do not become friends with your clients, it’s unprofessional.”  Well then.  Guess I won’t be “professional” because it’s not just about the money for me.  I don’t want strangers in my chair.  I want people I would consider friends.  To build trust and rapport, to share and work and grow together.

These are my clients…  
I know what lights you up, what makes you smile.  I know what you love about your partner and hate about your job.  I probably know your personality type.  I know your kid’s names, your pets names, and your favorite music, whether you like tea or coffee or wine when you come in, and whether or not you’ve skipped lunch, working hard at your desk and checking in with your kids at home. (and I have snacks for you).  

I am the first person to cut your children’s hair.  I meet them before they are even born.  I pause doing your hair so you can nurse.  Down the road, I hope to do their hair for prom.  I go to the nursing home to cut your dying mom’s hair.  I hold her hand, and touch her face and sit with her while you go eat for the first time today.  Next month I will hold you in my arms while you grieve her death.  For a year.  Maybe two.  We will cry together and share memories of her.

I drive to your dad’s house to help trim his toenails, he can no longer reach them.  I bring the whole deal, he gets rose petals and foot soak and foot massage too.  He is so pleased.  What a kind stranger I am.   He’s known me since I was 11.  This week the doctor diagnosed him with Dementia, you are upset and overwhelmed, and we both know I’m not really there for feet.  

I carefully wash your hair the first time after head surgery.  I will get nauseous seeing the staples on your tender scalp, and I’ll have to sit down when I turn pale.  You will have to dry it yourself.  I would be a lousy nurse.

I do your hair for free while you are in chemo.  Or when you lose your job.  Or when your husband files for divorce and leaves you.  Or when you are a working single mom having a rough month, I will cut your children’s hair for free.  And I tell them I won’t color it unless they keep good grades (cuz I’m on your side).  I accept payments of garden produce, bartering, kitchen appliances and gift cards you don’t want, pay me later, honor system…  It’s not about the money.  It’s about our friendship, and how you feel when you come in.  You can get a “haircut” anywhere.  

I am not just a hairstylist.  I am also a healer.   And I am your friend.   

I have extensive education, college degress, plus continued certifications. I am ordained, trained in healing touch, counseling, coaching, reflexology, reiki, Native American healing, certified ESL instructor. 

I run every aspect of my business myself (scheduling, appts, supplies and ordering, bookkeeping, my website, advertising…)

I have no insurance or retirement, no benefits. Except I love what I do.