“I hear the depths of a thousand hearts rhythmically beating with mine.  Love is letting Oneness vibrationally expand.”  Millie Mestril

I do love this feeling of oneness, purpose, meaning.  The connection I always longed for is being revealed.  I imagine it has always been present, but I was looking elsewhere.  Now I am feeling it inside me, and finding hints of it in others.  Mostly I feel connected with nature- trees, plants, breeze, sunlight, water, stars.  That’s when I feel closest to home.  Imagining or remembering something else… pink nebulas of warm star dust and energy of lightness, love, floating swirling, dancing in the air with a fluid ethereal wispy body, and wings.  I don’t know for sure if I am remembering this or wishing, longing for it.  or both maybe?

I love this feeling of star bits inside me, and streams, rocks, sunlight, moonlight, breeze, nebulas, oceans, tree roots and leaves and tendrils…  I feel so connected, it makes sense.  This is the closest I have ever felt at home in my body.  

Oh the irony!!  Picturing all that is actually fluidly displacing my body, removing the walls, water, rippling out, expanding my edges, breezes coming through my skin, turning my hair into leaves, star light coming through my body which is now inside out… oh!  

And that is how the universe must come to rest inside me…  when I am inside out!  When I am inside out, my limits are infinite, and the outside turns in and I am swallowed by stars, and safely held in branches of trees, and I’m floating and tumbling swirling softly in the breeze all at the same time.

At home in my body only when I escape my body.  Interesting…

My heart beat, and the pulse heartbeat of the earth, and pulse of the sun, and pulse heartbeat of the stars in the sky-  all of it, every bit of it is connected and so very alive.  I am connected, and in awe of it.