First time I admitted out loud that I am proud to be clueless and uninformed.  I don’t want to be ruled by fear.  I must protect my heart and keep it alive, full of hope.  Media feeds us lies of fear, separation, disconnection, hopelessness.  It keeps us isolated, complacent, and like strangers.  

I need us to be alive, connected, family, brothers and sisters, breathing the same air of the heartbeat of the planet.

Maybe it’s naive, or weak to stay out of media and news and politics and world news.
I think it’s weak to unlive, complacently, shallow, superficial “living”.  It takes guts to risk being authentic and real, connecting with other people, turn off the tv, experience life for real, thinking your own thoughts, traveling your own journeys and adventures (with your own feet, not watching from a sofa), to take off your shoes and feel the earth.  

Yes this is raw and real.