Many synchronicities.  This is fun 🙂
S brought home a palm reading book.  He was looking for books on magic and the librarian referred him to the section of the library that has palm reading books.  We poured through the book in depth, read each others lines, studied the charts.

I met someone I already know recently, we can’t figure out how we know each other.  Turns out she is a palm reader, and a Medicine Woman.  I am fascinated.

She read my palms today.  She confirmed all the lines S and I found, and more.  She says I am a healer, intuitive, psychic, old soul, resourceful, wise, artistic, gentle, empath, incredibly strong, tough childhood, survivor, I have guides and guardian angels, I’m pretty much good at anything I want to be, I am passionate, love deeply, have markings of an orphan (no connection at all to my birth family), am a Divine Goddess and spiritual seeker.  Hmm.  That’s a lot.  

I liked her touching my hands.