My Reiki mentor tells me to “be the smile”.  That’s it.  That’s the whole point, nothing more deep or complicated than that.  I think I can be that.

He also said he chose me for Reiki Mastery training because what I see as weakness in myself are really strengths- my raw pure vulnerability and naive genuine compassion, humbleness, an innocence that I brought with me from before earth, that remain uncorrupted… Despite all the horrors and abuse I have witnessed and experienced, all the trauma and violence, I still have a pure heart.  Perfect for being and becoming a healer.  He assured me that vulnerability is a strength, it takes strength to keep walls down and be real, genuine. Oh, and I’m insatiably curious and love to learn.

And he reminded me we can’t really hurt anybody with our truth.   Why do we suffer and create conflict over communicating our truth?