tiny plane, cloudy skies, lots of tears

Dear Son,

I am writing you this letter, while sitting for hours on this plane, waiting anxiously and excited to see you.  Oh so excited to see you!!

it’s so pretty

When the plane took off into the air, my heart leaped into the air too, off the ground, a little closer to you already.

goodbye paradise 🙁

And then the tears came… happiness to see you, I have missed you so much.  Tears for memories of our adventures together, that only we share.  Tears for the adventures I have missed with you in the last few weeks.  More tears, sadness for changes and losses this last year.  Tears looking forward to giggling with you soon.  Tears for goodbye paradise.

the jungles that we didn’t visit this trip

Thank you for knowing my heart, for knowing I would never leave you or stop loving you.  I am homesick, and adventures aren’t the same without you.  I am homesick for hugs, and can’t wait to see you.