All of the nature pictures are my own.  The remaining images are from NASA and Pinterest.

Do you remember
before you had a body
before this lifetime,
and all the lifetimes
before you had skin and bones and blood and breath…
You were stardust and nebulas
and great suns and swirls of light and colors.

And before that, you were just light
lightness, one
you were creator, you were light.
And you spread your wings and the light spread out
across time and space and universes that didn’t exist yet

The light particles carried the original source light,
from your heart
from the beginning…
or before…
The light particles
that are you
have always been you.
You became the stars.
You became the nebulas.

You became the night sky over all planets
and over Earth.
Do you remember being starlight?
And sunlight?



Before you had bones, 
do you remember
being an ancient forest,
thick with life and magic
and moss fairies
and mushrooms and dragonflies
Do you remember that lifetime?




When your mossy loamy toes
soaked up the stream
and waterfalls
until they became
the water itself
that flowed through
the forest too…


…then flowed over rocks and mountains and meadows
carving paths into the earth, becoming streams and rivers
and tides and the ocean,
that flows into
and becomes all oceans.


Do you remember 
when you evaporated 
and floated up and
became all of cosmos?

The time you were
painting with stars,
dancing in nebulas
and your voice was singing
the creation song?
The other voices joined your song,
a harmony of creation,
songs filled with pure love…
and the music swelled
and created new stars,
new colors, new light combinations
forming a womb for you
in the heavens…

And you were filled with light
and carried by light
to the womb of Mother Earth,
connected from the umbilical cord
to all that is and all that ever was.
Where every drop
of water on the planet
became your blood stream,
and the heartbeat of Mother Earth
pulsed your own heart alive…

…and the stars became
your very cells…
and your pulse of life and starlight
was placed in you,
in your mother’s womb,
carried safely in the womb of Mother Earth,
held safely in the arms of the cosmos and creator.

Your light is inside your cells.
Your voice is inside your cells.
Your voice sung you into existence
lifetimes ago
eons ago
before there was time.

It’s ok.  You forgot for a moment.