My friend waters me. She is an angel.  We talked about this over lunch today, and it inspired me to write…
Some people don’t know how to love or give.  You want to nurture them, love them, show them true friendship, love without conditions.  They take and don’t appreciate it, they hurt you deeply.  And you doubt yourself, wondering what you do wrong, why your love isn’t good enough.  Maybe it’s not about you, or your worth.

Maybe they are dehydrated, their hearts have dried up from lack of watering.  Maybe their souls have never been tended, and here you are with a little watering can, loving them, and feeding them, tending their little seeds, wishing for leaves, and someday petals.  You can see it, you can see all the living, growing, breathing potential locked away in there.

Maybe it doesn’t seem to make a difference, your little watering can.  Don’t give up.  The whole world is filled with un-nurtured, malnourished, dried up little soul seeds.  Water when you can, where you feel it’s needed.  Don’t empty your watering can though- keep enough to replenish.

Allow others to water you, and share your water when it feels good. Some for me, some for you, and the ripples will spread out and make a difference.  You may not notice it right away, you may never see it.  But maybe that seed will start to unfold a little.  Maybe that seed will water another seedlet.

And it will make a difference after all.