I spent most of the day at the pool.  Silly, I know, for being so close to the ocean.  But I was the only one at the pool, so why not enjoy?  I cannot believe all of this is cheaper than living in America!   After a good walk and lunch, I tested out the kayak in the ocean-  fun!!  I surprised myself and was pretty good, until I tried to lean back and look up at the puffy clouds, which unbalanced the kayak and I fell out.  Oops.  It’s much harder to get in the kayak when it’s out in the water.  So I pulled it back to shore and started over.  


Per tradition, I found a hammock to swing in, and I took a picture of my toes; barefoot, of course.  Some people don’t appreciate that, but it’s my little inside joke.  It started when I was in college, and the apartment we rented had a tiny backyard.  It was just a concrete pad, in fact.  But I had my hammock, and a kiddie pool, and planted flowers to grow up the fence.  My first barefoot toes picture is from that hammock.  It was my feeble attempt at paradise, even then.

Imagine the best summer ever- that soft, fresh nighttime smell, when everything lovely is in bloom; a warm breeze ruffles your hair, and nostalgia and goodness fill your heart.  That’s what it smells like here.
A quote from Gary:  “You have to wake up slowly each day, move slowly, watch your surroundings unfold around you.  People plow into the day and scare away everything beautiful, or they move too fast to even see what’s around them, or enjoy what they are waking up to.” 

Before the end of the visit, he said he loves that I smile genuinely, and I seem to live vibrantly.  That is my goal- to live vibrantly.  He wanted pictures of my smile.  We ended up with a few funny short videos on accident with that.