I created a meditation for feeling safe during unprecedented times.  The 8 months (so far) of 2020 that lasted a decade…

I recorded this in March and it’s now November…  Our region has cancelled life as we know it, closed restaurants and bars just before St. Patricks Day, then all but essential businesses were closed down for a while.  We re-opened some and now that it’s winter, many more people are getting sick.  We aren’t supposed to celebrate Thanksgiving with anyone outside our households.

I’m wondering what will become of all this, and if the world will right itself, if we will create a new, better normal.  A better way for humanity, now that we are all in time out, reflecting.  I don’t know what’s true with all the media, I do know that we need to remember to treat each other well and be kind humans.

I’m new to world pandemics, quarantine, and also new to technology, making recordings and this blog. 

(Perhaps I will acquire better recording and sound equipment when I’m working full time again.)