My heart is about ready to bust, to split right open today.  I am filled to overflowing with so much love, the ladies in my life who are so good to me, who trust me, who are vulnerable with me, who honor me to touch them with healing.

I am grateful for my mentors and teachers, who guide me, teach me, are excited with me when I learn and make breakthroughs, who handle all my questions, who hold out a hand when I’ve lost my footing (or my mind), who laugh at my exuberance, lift me up, hold space for me to bloom into who I am meant to be…

I am grateful for airplanes, even when they sound like small weed-eaters and the propellers are about the same size as a weed-eater!  Yikes.  When they fly me through the air to go visit my bestie.

I am teary with emotion.