I want to live in a tree house 
and go barefoot and plant things.  
I want to sleep under the stars 
and swim in the ocean. 

I want to barter for what I need, 
in a community who values energy 
and life more than money. 

I want to live in a compassionate, fair society, 
or more likely, further away from people.  

I want to travel and have time to play.  

want to be free from debt, 
free from chains, 
free from obligations 
that don’t make sense to me.  

I want to be free, safe, content, 
closer to nature, 
alive, vibrant, rich.  

I want to be guided by God, 
the universe, 
the way of light and truth and love.  

I ask for protection from all that harms me 
or doesn’t serve me.