Well I survived this last year.  Barely.  I have gotten to know myself better, that is a mixed bag of blessings.  Not sure yet if the net result is a loss or a gain.  I’m technically alive, possibly thriving (depends on the day.  or hour.  sometimes the minute.)  I have come to know the world a little better too, also a mixed bag.  I learned some awful things about hatred, greed, corruption, evil… but also find reasons for hope, compassion, forgiveness.  

I don’t know what I am doing.  I don’t understand the game.  Every day is a mixed bag of duality, spiritual growth during human existence.  I have to trust that there is meaning, a plan.  I am part of it, and it is part of me, that the divine will look out for me (because people sure haven’t)  Even though I am an infinitesimally small blip in the grand scheme. Maybe because I am on the good side, the side of light, love, grace, and compassion.

This next year I wish… to keep going on, to stand up for me and good people, be real and genuine, no fear (trust I am protected by source divine and the universe), trust that the right answers and the right people will guide me.  I desire abundance, joy, play, material needs, security, love- unconditional love, for everybody.

This year I will take care of my body, feed and nurture it the way I deserve, and take care of my soul- give myself lots of love and time to laugh and play with my son.   I will try to feed my mind with nutritious info, to grow and learn.  I will also take naps and work in the sun (I wish).  I will do my best not to harm others or myself, and be kind, even when others are not.