No tv.  I don’t watch it.  Ever.  People look at me like an alien axe-wielding two-headed zombie when I say that.  They stammer, “bu… but…”  No.  I don’t watch the news, or sitcoms.  No game shows, soap operas, reality shows.  I have never seen Survivor, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, CSI, or any other new shows I haven’t even heard of yet.  
I don’t know who the actors are, or who is in which show.  I don’t have time to sit and watch fake shows acted out by fake people, controlled by the media, overflowing with commercials, telling me about the products I simply must buy.  Because, well, I’m too busy living.  I read, draw, listen to music, play with kiddo, garden, email friends, make things, cook, work, do projects…  How do people find time to sit anyway?  (please don’t try and tell me the news is true either.  I have personal proof they change things to suit themselves- it happened to my son’s dad, and he is a good guy.  They made him look like an ass, and people believed it, because it was on tv.  I also know that all the media sources are owned by about 4 different ridiculously rich people, nationally, who run the whole thing.  How can that be objective reporting?)
It took us years to remember not to call my dad on Thursdays after 7pm–  Survivor!!  Then it moved to Wednesdays I think.  Boy I’ve made him really mad a few times by calling during a favorite tv program.  oh, and I need to remember not to call any night actually, because a movie might be on.  But don’t call at the end of the movie, because then the nightly news in on.  Or before the movie, because the early news is on.  I also need to know when there is a game, or a car race, or if they have rented a movie.  Or if they are napping.  I can’t call during commercials either, because he loves those as much as the tv program.  But why oh why don’t I call more often and keep in touch? 
What’s sad is he thinks he is really living.  And most people do.