Note from my higher divine self, to my small fragile inner self:

It will be ok.
You are divinely loved and beautiful.
It’s ok to feel scared.  You are growing and learning and change is scary.
I will hold you in my arms and keep you safe.
You are meant to be here, you chose to be here, my little angel.
You feel small, but that’s because you are confined in this earth body, this heavy dimension.
Open the windows and breathe.
You are thinking too much.  Just rest.
Breathe in light, breathe out fear.  
Heavy air on earth isn’t giving you enough light and you are hyper-ventilating.
Breathe in Light.
You are different.  It’s ok.
You are a star seed, guided by divine light and deep consciousness.
These are not your parents, they don’t understand you….  
You are loveable and that’s why you are here.
You are loved, you are love.  You brought it with you. 

Breathe in Light.  Breathe out fear.
Right now, what you simply have to do “is be”
Be one with yourself.
Be one with others.
Stop thinking.
Anchor to Light.
Be at peace.
Take heart, little star seed.
Be guided by inner knowing, and divine light.
You are loved.
Be love.