Payette River near Lowman

We went for a drive today to find hot springs.  Being outside and in nature is good for my soul.  I forget how beautiful it is, just an hour out of town.  The sky is blue, it’s a sunny day, everything is beautiful.  I needed this.
bath house in the forest

view of hot springs and the river
hot springs pouring over into the river
yes, I’ll sit here for the day 🙂

still sitting here 🙂

looking back the other direction

a deer!

closer pic of the deer

I would picnic in this spot

Snake River near Marsing
On another day, we adventured in a different direction.  It’s still good to get out of town, and I do love the river.  Too bad it’s so damn cold!  How can I swim in this?  This was snow water 2 hours upstream.  My toes are swearing at me already…  But I’m still grinning 🙂
my son, the fisherman

It is pretty, and smells lovely here