I used to feel like I didn’t fit it. 
I have always felt like an outsider.
Like I don’t belong.
Last night I realized I belong everywhere,
especially outside, in nature.
My home is under the stars.
An orphan and a child of the universe.

“As above, so below
and without, and within
I am, I am, I am
we are, we are, we are
one, one, one.”

“Thank you for returning to me
that which is rightfully mine.
I am eternally grateful.”

We were on the way to Whale Medicine Wheel.
Leaving the wheel, going back to the main road, we arrived in just a few minutes,
less than half the time it took us to go the other direction.
We stopped the car, looked around, confused, and both acknowledged we didn’t know how that happened. It felt like time travel. 

Just when you need a sign from the universe that there is something bigger and more magnificent going on, there is a sign.